Who We Are.

We are a loving and joyful multicultural church community in the heart of Bankstown, Sydney; Kingdom people who are led by God's Word and the Holy Spirit; Children of God and believers in His goodness to us all the time; Passionate about bringing the message of reconciliation, freedom, healing, and deliverance to all people.

Our Culture.

Our culture is rooted in the values of love, joy, generosity, honour, victory, holiness, peace and a forward-looking mindset. These aren't just a set of values we hold dear, rather they are a way of life that we seek to embody both individually and as a family.

Hands forming a heart.


We are unified in love. We do not give in to fear.

Hands clapping.


We choose to be joyful in all circumstances.

Hands outstretched to recieve.


We empower others to see themselves how God sees them.

Hands grasping each other.


We give without demanding honour. We choose to elevate others.

Hands breaking chains.


We are powerful people - sons and daughters, not victims or orphans.

Hand lightly touching each other.


We are defined by the New Testament. We embrace everyone.

A butterfly resting on a finger.


We are at peace, for peace is the atmosphere of revelation.

A child's hand holding an adult's hand.


We look to our future, not our past. No guilt, shame or condemnation.

Our People.

We might be a little biased, but we believe that we've got the absolute best people leading our House every single week. Raed + Fadia Haddad are at the helm of New Sound Church, and they've got an incredible team of people at their back.

Raed Fadia Haddad

Pastors of New Sound Church

This is Raed's 19th year in pastoral ministry, with the last nine spent as the Senior Pastor of New Sound Church. Together, he and his wife Fadia have pastored the church, inspiring people to live their lives for what matters most. Raed and Fadia believe that God's presence is tangible and powerful. They want the world to experience God's goodness personally and learn their true identity in Jesus.

”As a church leaders we see our task as both very simple and very profound. Our task is to make sure that the presence of God permeates the atmosphere of our services and guides our lives. The presence of God brings with it two main influences; it revolutionises the way we live and empowers us to minister to others.

We believe that we are to be a supernatural community that demonstrates the holiness and power of God to the world. The work of the Holy Spirit is a vital part of Christian life, and it is our wish for everyone to experience and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives.

We strive to foster a community that is saturated with love and power and that is inclusive to all people with the aim of transforming them into the image of Christ.”

Raed was born in Jordan and moved to the United States in his late teens, where he began his theological studies. It was during his time in the US that he met Fadia Bazzi, a Lebanese born singer and recording artist who gained fame among Arabic Christians around the world. Raed moved to Australia, married Fadia and completed his theological studies, obtaining a Bachelor of Theology, a Graduate Diploma of Ministry and his accreditation with the Baptist Association of NSW. In 2012 they encountered God in a radically new way and have since sought to share that experience with the world. They have one son - Joshua - and one daughter - Pascal - who serve with them in the church.

Pastor Raed and Fadia smiling next to each other.
Joseph Mourad smiling toward the camera.
Joseph Mourad
Joshua Haddad smiling away from the camera.
Joshua Haddad
Raewyn Lee smiling toward the camera.
Raewyn Lee
Children's Ministry Leader
Miryan Bazzi smiling toward the camera.
Miryan Bazzi
Cafe & Catering Leader

Our Story.

New Sound Church's story begins over 100 years ago... strap in.

During a period of church expansion, Dulwich Hill Church acquired land to establish a new church in Bankstown. A site had been purchased for the erection of a school church with Pastor G. Morling, B.A. in charge of the project.
Original red brick church with cross.
The original building was extended only two years after being opened. The congregation grew steadily during the 1920s and another extension was carried out six years later. On 24 November 1928 extensions of Bankstown Baptist Church and a new hall were officially opened by the president of the Baptist Union, Mr E. J. Philips.
An excerpt from a 1928 newspaper article about the official opening of Bankstown Baptist Church.
The church saw continued growth and the original building was once again extended to seat 170. The President of the Baptist Union, Rev. F. T. Smith opened the enlarged church on 6 December 1941.
1943 Aerial photograph of Bankstown Baptist Church

Aerial photograph of Bankstown Baptist Church in 1943.

As numbers continued to grow, a new church building was built and opened on 29 July 1967, seating 370.
Drawing of Bankstown Baptist Church main auditorium.

Depiction of the new Bankstown Baptist Church building, printed on the front cover of the official opening ceremony leaflet, 29 July 1967.

While serving as the Associate Pastor of Bankstown Baptist Church, Pastor Raed, and his wife Fadia, had a radical encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit. This encounter completely changed their direction in ministry and their vision of what God could do.
Pastor Fadia singing into a mic while kneeling on stage.
Raed was elected as the Senior Pastor of Bankstown Baptist Church. Under his leadership the church underwent a significant transformation of vision and direction. The church placed an emphasis on the power of the Holy Spirit - healing, deliverance and the prophetic.
Pastor Raed preaching with a communion cup in his hand.
Pastor Raed's face looking off to the side.

My life and ministry took an extraordinary turn when the Holy Spirit burst into my life. It was a game-changer, a moment that ignited a fire within me. From that point on, everything shifted. I started to expect more of the supernatural in my everyday life and ministry.

Before this encounter, I often felt like God was distant, uninvolved. I longed for Him to be closer, to be more present. But now, oh, how things have changed. I see Him right by my side, His presence tangible and real. The experiences of those early followers of Christ suddenly make so much more sense to me now.

Raed Haddad, Senior Pastor of New Sound Church

🚀 New Sound Church launches
In a period of transformation, the church was rebranded and restructured. Recognising that the historical name, Bankstown Baptist Church, no longer captured who we are today, we embraced a new name that reflects our identity. Alongside this change, we renovated the entire property, breathing new life into the spaces that once held memories of the past.
Members worshiping with arms outstretched.
New Sound Church is a multicultural and vibrant church community with a hunger for the presence of God. Everything we do is in the expectation of a powerful new move of God - a revival that will ignite the heart of Sydney. Our aim is to host the tangible presence of God and be a place where the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit flow freely, transforming lives and impacting our city.

You've heard our story, now let's hear yours.