Fairhaven Homes.

Fairhaven Homes is a vibrant community of 24 self-care villas dedicated to providing a safe and affordable living environment for seniors.

Care & Community

A Place to Call Home.

Welcome to Fairhaven Homes, a ministry of New Sound Church. Fairhaven Homes is a community of 24 self-care villas designed for seniors aged 55+. Nestled in the heart of Padstow Heights, Fairhaven Homes provides residents with the perfect balance of privacy, comfort, and community.

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Social Living

The Community.

Location & Amenities

Fairhaven Homes is located in the peaceful suburb of Padstow Heights, with close proximity to shops and public transport. Parking facilities are available to tenants, with plenty of street and guest parking and available to visitors and guests. Fairhaven's community hall is a hub of social activity and is the perfect space for community events and functions.

Affordable Living

Fairhaven Homes was established to provide affordable living for seniors aged 55+. That's why each of our villas is priced below market rate; to ensure that anyone and everyone is able to afford living comfortably - without compromising on quality of life. And with very low maintenance costs, tenants can focus on the things that they enjoy, rather than worrying about the costs and labours of maintaining their home.

Independence & Community

Fairhaven Homes is specifically designed for individuals who are seeking independent living and have the ability to live autonomously. That's why Fairhaven Homes is not a retirement village. We welcome residents who value their independence and are capable of managing their day-to-day activities without requiring assistance. Fairhaven Homes fosters an environment that celebrates self-sufficiency while offering the joys of communal living.

No villas currently available. Check back soon or join the waiting list below to be notified when a villa becomes available.

An Inside Look.

Take a peek inside one of our 1 bedroom villas.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about Fairhaven Homes, we're here to help. Just get in touch with us and we'll make sure you have all the information you need.

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